Power Yoga basically belongs to the western part and is enthusiasts of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois who enthused western Yogis with his philosophies and Ashtanga Yoga. It is fitness based practice use to remove stress, strain and make our body in relax state as well as it increase the strength, flexibility or stamina. And these properties make it popular in western part or among people. Power Yoga includes two steps i.e. flush the toxins or synchronize your mind or body and the next step is to increase the flexibility of muscles.

Power Yoga has many other benefits also like it reduces pains caused by stress, eliminates the tension, increase physical stamina, increase concentrating ability, makes mentally awareness, improve joint pains and many more.

Power Yoga is practice to get rid of various disease like:-

Power Yoga for Losing Weight

The most effective way to lose your weight is through Power Yoga. You can reduce your weight in a month also but it require a regular practice.

Power Yoga for Relaxing Body

Power Yoga is helpful to give relaxation to your body as it is usually done to reduce stress, tension and to make your mind feel relax from all worries.

Power Yoga for Glowing Skin

Many of the females want to have a glowing skin in natural way. Power Yoga helps you to remain fit and young in the age of 60’s also. Regular practice of yoga makes your body fit and gives you the glowing skin.

Power Yoga for Belly Fat Decrease

Yoga is best way to reduce the belly fat as we manage to lose weight but still afflicted with belly fat. There are various exercise to remove your belly fat. You don’t need to practice the same exercise daily you can switch the pose.

Power Yoga for Children

Power Yoga is suggested for Kids also as they are busy in their study and to make their mind free from tension of studies, it is necessary to change their mind and yoga can give you all of these with other benefits.

Power Yoga for Men/Women

It is very helpful for youngsters, adults or an old ones. Yoga is the only way to remain fit at the age of 50- 60. But it is recommended to avoid practicing yoga at the time of pregnancy.

Power Yoga for Memory Increase

Power Yoga is best and effective approach to increase your memory. Practicing asana make you feel active and it helps you to increase your memory by removing stress or tension from your mind.

Power Yoga for Obesity

Obesity is excess buildup of fats and results in disproportion physical or mental energies. But yoga works well on all aspects.

Power Yoga for Asthma Problem

It helps in improving lung function, allergies, stretches and gives you the relief.

Power Yoga for Diabetics

Yoga is helpful to control your diabetic problem also but make sure you are regularly practicing the recommended exercise. You should practice it at least for 15 minutes to get the desired result.

Power Yoga for Acidity Problem

Acidity is common problem in all person and to remove this problem yoga should be done under the guidance of expert.

Power Yoga for Heart Disease

Today most of the heart doctor/Hospitals recommend their patient to practice Power Yoga. Beginners should hire a Power Yoga trainer as they can teach you the best way to practice tough asana as you feel complication. Yoga directly connects your body, mind or heart in the deepest.