You can ask directly question here without any hesitancy and we will give you the answers:-

1. Which direction is appropriate for asana practice?
There is no particular direction but the place where there is no imbalance of five elements and where your mind can get peace. South direction is preferred mostly to make your body in relax state.

2. What is best time to practice yoga?
I would recommend you to practice asana at early morning (before breakfast), you also can practice it in noon and evening but with empty stomach.

3. What does yogic breathing mean?
Pranayama (Prana + yama) both have different mean like prana mean life energy and yama means control i.e. breathe control. This asana make your body vibrant.

4. Can I take food after practice?
Yes, of course but the gap should of 15-20 minutes.

5. Should I take shower before or after practicing yoga?
Yes, it depends on you but must prefer before starting the practice or there should be gap of hours if you are going to take bath after practice.

6. How long the practice is required in a day?
It should of minimum 15 minutes for every day and there is no time limit as yoga helps you to remove strain, stress or tiredness, though it have many advantage for you and your body. But make sure you are practicing it regularly and do as much as possible don’t go for higher asana at the beginning stage.

7. Any special costume is require while practicing yoga?
No special dress is needed. You can wear a simple light weight clothes which can give you the comfort during practice.

8. Should I need to open or close my eyes?
Closing eyes throughout the practice will help you to strengthen your awareness. But it’s not compulsory if you don’t feel comfort you practice it in open eyes also.

9. What stuff is needed to begin yoga?
Three things is essential to start practicing yoga i.e. your mind, body and curiosity. No special costume or footwear is required because you will be barefooted.

10. Breathe should be taken by mouth or nose during yoga?
It should be through nose not through mouth.