Yoga Advice Center in Jaipur

  • Every day you should practice yoga for approximate 35 minutes to get best result.
  • The best time to do yoga is early morning or in afternoon/nigh when you are empty stomach.
  • The place where you are going to practice asana should be clean, neat and away from disruption.
  • Yoga costume are not special you can wear any simple dress in which you feel comfortable and relax.
  • No need of special footwear as you practice it in barefoot.
  • Yoga is done because it makes your fresh, stress free and make your body in relax state.
  • Before practicing you should have faith in yoga.
  • During pregnancy or menstruation it should avoided.
  • You can take shower before and after the yoga but make sure there is gap.
  • Food can be taken after 15 minutes of yoga session.
  • To practice choose calm place where is no imbalance of 5 basic elements.
  • You can take break in between if you think the exercise is tough.
  • Make sure you are doing regular practice at least for 15 minutes in a day.
  • Yoga prefers vegetarian diet and spicy food is strictly prohibited.
  • Eating healthy food is preferable like salad.
  • If you are beginner don’t jump for tough task, wait till the time come.
  • Take a glass for lime juice with lukewarm water and honey.
  • Avoid taking tea before yoga session.

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