Know more about Yoga Classes Jaipur

We at Yoga Classes Jaipur helps you to practice yoga. We have a trained trainer they will give you the entire session and will always there to supervise you. As it can be harmful for the beginners to practice yoga without the guidance of trainer. Our vision is to broadcast the awareness of yoga among people and let them know the benefit of doing yoga regularly. At Yoga Classes you will come to know which asana can avail for your particular disease. We also arrange seminars at different places and everyone is allowed to attend the seminar. There is no entry fees but for attending continue session you need to pay the specific amount. Yes we too offer in-house service where our specialized trainers will come to your place and will rehearse with you. The classes runs for approximate 70-75 minutes. We will tell you what are the advantage and drawbacks of yoga, what tips you need to follow during yoga, which one is right posture, right time, place etc. The classes are envisioned to create a sound equalization of flexibility, excellence, nimbleness and balance. You will rehearse different types of yoga like Pranayama, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Savasan, Dhyana and Chanting. We never recommend to wear a particular dress, you can wear any costume you feel comfortable. Anyone can attend our classes and we welcome them warmly. You can take morning or evening classes as per your convenience. Though you also can have a private class at your own place. Our classes are accompanied by a qualified or skilled yoga trainers. Therapeutic methods are part of our training sessions.

What We Conduct:-

  • Certificate Yoga Courses
  • In-house Training
  • Group or Individual Classes
  • Institutional or Corporate Yoga Trainings